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Solo Plan

Ideal for solo artists
The solo plan comes with a single artist account and a single calendar.

Duo Plan

Ideal for shops with 2 artists
The duo plan comes with 2 artist accounts, a shop manager account and two artsist calendars.

Shop Plan

Perfect for growing shops or larger shops.
The shop plan comes with unlimited artist accounts, a shop manager account and unlimited artist calendars.

* SMS, Phone, and Email usage fees are additional. See more about SMS/MMS fees.

Every plan includes the following:

Artist calendar

Each artist gets one calendar with up to two appointment types (ie. tattoo & piercing)

Unlimited clients

The whole point of this system is to help you manage your whole, so why would we limit the number of contacts you can manage.

Unlimited consent forms

Some shops use a single consent for the life of the client others require a new form with each visit. We don’t limit you!

2-way SMS messaging

Never give out your personal number again. Easily message clients from my app, and keep a record of all messages.

Tattoo request form

Have a tattoo request form you can link to from anywhere making it easy for clients to request a tattoo.

Appointment reminders

Have your clients reminded of their appointments automatically to help reduce now shows.

Automated care instruction

Have your pre-care and aftercare instructions go out in real time before and after the tattoo session.

Review Management

Automate your Google review requests as well as have the ability to respond to the reviews and post to social media.

No long term contracts

You’re not locked in to a long term contract. Pay month to month and cancel when you want. No hard feelings.

30 day guarantee

Use the system for 30 days if you don’t like send us an email and I’ll refund your money.

Tattoo flash designs with a skull, playing cards and some rosesa

Usage fees

Low-cost, high-impact 2-way SMS. 

  • Simple pricing $0.02 per outgoing message segment (160 characters) in the U.S. and Canada. MMS messages are $0.044 per message.
  • US customers will NEED to register for 10DLC ($10 registration fee and $4-10/month) to message customers within the United States
  • SMS is available to be enabled for all users, on any plan.
  • 1000 emails free every month (extra emails are only $1 per 1000 emails)