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Kick A$$ Tattoo Studio Management System

Schedule tattoo sessions, send automatic reminders, automate aftercare, simplify communication and manage your online reputation all from one app.
Save time, make more money!

Streamlined Communication

Interact with your customers wherever they are! Manage ALL communication channels - Facebook, Google, Instagram, Email, SMS all in a single inbox. No need for multiple apps.

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Tattoo Studio Management System - Streamlined communications
Tattoo Studio Management System - digital waivers - consent forms

Digital Waivers

No more waiting for clients to fill out your old paper forms at the shop. Sending forms ahead of appointments allows you to stay on schedule and get clients in on time.

Use our consent forms or we can convert yours to digital.

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Appointment Booking

Easily book appointments for all your artists and automatically send your artists and your clients appointment reminder emails and text messages. No more missed appointment!

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Tattoo Studio Management System - appointment booking
Tattoo Studio Management System - After Care Email

Real Time After Care

Our system can automate sending your clients tattoo pre-care and tattoo aftercare instructions based on the appointment they booked. All messages sent in real time.

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Reputation Management

The Misfit Tattoo system helps you easily collect, monitor  and reply to reviews on Google. These reviews can be some of the best marketing for your business.

More reviews = stronger online presence = more customers in your door = MORE MONEY!!!

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Tattoo Studio Management System - Streamlined communications

Hell Ya, the Misfit Tattoo studio management system is the way to go!

Landed more work

"We've increased the number of new customers coming into the shops, since using the Misfit Tattoo system."
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John Doe

Inked Stars

This is crazy!

I couldn’t be as effective or efficient without Misfit Tattoo. Like a lot of shops, we had to close down rather quickly. Thanks to Misfit Tattoo, I could text everyone, send out email blasts, work from home and quickly respond to clients questions and concerns.
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Raul Hernandez

Wild Kingdom Tattoo

Easy money

"It's great having a clear visual of the number of sessions that have been booked and the corresponding dollar value for those booked sessions."
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John Doe

Wild Ink