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Elevate Your Studio's Communication

Transform your tattoo studio's client engagement with our cutting-edge communication software. Streamline your interactions, enhance client relationships, and drive repeat business, all while showcasing your artistic brilliance. Dive into a world of possibilities and ink your path to success!

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Features that set us apart

Our tattoo appointment booking system seamlessly syncs with popular calendar apps, eliminating double bookings and missed appointments. Automated reminders and personalized pre-care instructions ensure your clients are always prepared. Plus, our digital consent forms make the entire process smooth and paper-free.

Benefits of switching to unified communication hub

"Since using this platform, managing client interactions has been a breeze, with all messages in one place. The marketing tools have significantly increased our repeat business. It's like having an extra set of hands, allowing us to focus more on our art."

More than
just messages

Staying connected with customers is more important than ever. For tattoo shops, this means going beyond the ink and needle to create lasting relationships. SMS and email marketing offer powerful platforms to engage, inform, and delight clients. Whether it's appointment reminders, special offers, or tattoo care tips or sending your tattoo consent forms, these channels can be tailored to provide personalized experiences. Here are some innovative ways tattoo shops can harness the potential of SMS and email marketing to reach their clientele:

Special offers

Harness the immediacy of SMS to promote limited-time offers, ensuring your clients don't miss out. With email, you can create visually appealing campaigns showcasing your artists' latest designs, enticing customers to book their next session. Special offers can not only boost sales during slower periods but also re-engage past clients.

Flash days

Unveil the excitement of tattoo flash days like never before with Misfit Tattoo's integrated email and SMS system. Announce your exclusive designs, set the mood with behind-the-scenes glimpses, and send real-time reminders to ensure a full house. Our platform ensures your flash day buzz reaches every client, old and new, with captivating visuals and timely nudges. With Misfit Tattoo's digital tools, every flash day becomes an event your clientele won't want to miss.

Appointment openings

Drawing inspiration from our tattoo consent forms, can recreate your piercing consent form as a digital version. This comprehensive document will include all essential clauses and feature a designated signature field for complete peace of mind.

Loyalty programs

Loyalty programs are a fantastic way to reward repeat customers and encourage more frequent visits. With SMS, you can send instant notifications about points earned or rewards available. Meanwhile, email can be used to explain the program's benefits in depth, showcase reward options, and even offer exclusive deals for top-tier members.


A well-crafted newsletter can be a goldmine for engagement. Use email to share behind-the-scenes glimpses of your shop, spotlight different artists, delve into tattoo culture, and highlight upcoming events or promotions. It's a way to keep your brand top-of-mind and foster a sense of community among your clientele.

Special holiday hours

Easily inform clients about holiday hours with our integrated email and SMS system. Send a quick SMS alert and complement it with an email detailing the festive changes. Keep your clients in the loop and add a touch of seasonal cheer, all while ensuring they're well-informed and appreciated.
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Frequently asked questions

Our platform consolidates all your client interactions, including SMS, email, and social media chats, into one easy-to-use inbox, streamlining your communication efforts.

Our unified inbox can be connected to Facebook messenger, Instagram DM and Google business profile chat. Allowing you to receive and send messages via these platforms.

No you don’t need Mailchimp or other another newsletter software. Our system allows you to create newsletter style emails and makes it easy to send those newsletters to your clients.

Of course. Use our SMS platform for quickly sending out a SMS message to all your clients. *There are fees associated with the SMS feature. Please see the pricing page for more info.*

Of course. Use our messaging platform for quickly sending out an email to all your clients about upcoming flash days, or changes to you schedule.