3 Ways Tattoo Shops Are Leaving Money On The Table

female tattoo artist holding a tattoo machine and checking it over.
  1. Not doing email marketing
    Email marketing continues to be a powerful channel for remarketing, and it’s not going away anytime soon. Customers who have already made a purchase from your tattoo shop can be converted more quickly than those who haven’t. Failing to collect customer emails when they visit your shop is a costly mistake, as you’re missing out on potential revenue that other shops can take advantage of. By collecting client emails, you can easily send them alerts about your latest designs, flash days, sales, and other promotions. If email marketing seems daunting, text marketing can be a great alternative. All you need are your customers’ contact details, and you can market directly to their mobile phones.
  2. Not using SMS/text message marketing
    SMS/Text Message Marketingcan be a highly effective tool for tattoo shops looking to promote their services and increase customer engagement. Unlike other forms of advertising, text message marketing allows businesses to directly reach their target audience through their mobile devices. This means that tattoo shops can send personalized and timely messages to customers about upcoming promotions, discounts, and new designs. Additionally, text message marketing can help tattoo shops build stronger relationships with their customers by providing them with exclusive offers and updates. By using text message marketing, tattoo shops can improve their customer retention rates, boost their brand awareness, and ultimately increase their revenue.
  3. Not requesting Google reviews
    Google Reviews are crucial for tattoo shops to have a strong online presence. One of the most effective ways to do this is by requesting Google reviews from customers. Positive reviews can help tattoo shops build credibility and trust with potential customers, while negative reviews provide valuable feedback for improving their services. In addition, Google reviews can also improve a tattoo shop’s search engine ranking, making it more visible to potential customers. When requesting Google reviews, tattoo shops should make it easy for customers by providing clear instructions and a link to their Google listing. By actively seeking and responding to Google reviews, tattoo shops can enhance their online reputation, attract new customers, and ultimately grow their business.

The Misfit Tattoo Studio management system can be a game-changer for tattoo shops looking to increase revenue and customer engagement. With features such as SMS marketing, email marketing, and Google review requests, combined with our powerful digital consent forms, tattoo shops can streamline their marketing efforts and reach a larger audience. SMS marketing allows shops to send personalized and timely messages to customers about upcoming promotions, discounts, and new designs, while email marketing provides a more comprehensive way to communicate with clients. Additionally, Google review requests can help tattoo shops build credibility and trust with potential customers, ultimately driving more business. By using the Misfit Tattoo Studio management system, tattoo shops can efficiently manage their marketing campaigns, save time and resources, and ultimately make more money.

Carson Wittenberg

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