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Close supports email communication with a unified inbox, powerful automation, and efficient features that steramline you client communication.

Native, Gmail, Outlook or SMTP

Centralize your email workflows in just one place: Misfit Tattoo. Misfit Tattoo talks seamlessly with your email providers to keep all your email conversations into one place.

Powerful automations

Employ multi-step email sequences to streamline care instructions or inform customers of upcoming specials or flash days.

Bulk email

Want to send an email to only certain clients, or your whole client database. Misfit Tattoo makes it easy to send an email blast or a monthly newletter.

Additional features

Misfit Tattoo’s s email tools include powerful features like email templates, canned responses and much more.


Texting features in Misfit Tattoo are built to complement and/or enhance your email communication.

Read and respond

Easily read and respond to all your text message right from the inbox or from within the customer profile.

Powerful automations

Employ multi-step SMS sequences to streamline communication or inform customers of upcoming specials or flash days.

Simple pricing

Simple pricing starts at just $0.02 per message in the U.S. and Canada.

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