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Take Control of Your Calendar

Eliminate the frustration involved in booking sessions using Misfit Tattoo's scheduling system, and schedule tattoo and piercing sessions easier then ever before.

Tattoo Studio Management System - appointment booking
Studio management

Easily manage all your artists

You can easily schedule appointments for any of your artists with an easy drag-and-drop interface. Assign a colour to each artist and easily see which artists are book and which have open appointments.
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Reduce cancellations and no shows by up to 60%

Say 'BYE BYE' to no-shows

Send an text message & email to your customers hours or days before their appointment to significantly cut down on no-shows and late cancellations, saving you stress, and allowing you to earn more money. For most businesses if you save just a few missed reservations a month, then Misfit Tattoo will have paid for itself!
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Book more sessions

Fill the holes in your calendar

Send out a mass text or email notifying a select group of clients or your entire contact list of your studio's openings.
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